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London Japanese Erotic Massage

There is nothing better, after a long week of working, than to feel the stimulating touch of an experienced sensual masseuse. An erotic massage can calm down the stress of living in a city like London, and at the same time recharge the batteries. I offer a sensual and stimulating experience in the very capable hands of mine.

If there is one thing in life that every man should experience, this is it. The Japanese Erotic Massage is simply one of the most memorable sexual experiences you'll have in your lifetime.

London Boby to Body Oil Sensual Massage

  • Exactly what it says on the tin! I use my body against your body for a full sensual massage.
  • A sensual massage is a full body massage but with an erotic element attached. I will touch the more sensitive areas of the body to give you a light aroused feeling. This style can be very relaxing and soothing.

London Japanese Nuru Massage

  • Nuru massage is something you need to try at least once in your life. I will cover my and your body in the nuru gel and then use various body to body movements and techniques to erotically massage your body. I specialise in nuru massage in London.
  • Interesting fact - nuru gel is made from a type of seaweed found in Japan that is very good for your skin.

London Deep Tissue Massage

  • Any time if you are feeling tensed and stressed, I would advise you to immediately visit the nearest massage parlour and asked for a deep tissue massage. This massage targets the deeper layer of the tissue and extremely beneficial for the tensed areas.
  • This massage is being used by patients suffering from chronically tight or painful muscles, strains, postural problems etc.

London Tantric Massage

  • Tantric massage is designed to give you the taste of the tantra. It is a form of body worship mixed with meditation. With delicate strokes and caressing touches from the therapists skillful hands your sensual energy will flow and you will be taken over by pure bliss.
  • To receive the maximum benefits of tantric massage you will have to use breathing techniques to control ejaculation. By controlling your crutia perinea muscles as well as breathing you can prolong as orgasm for a longer period. Through this ejaculation control, your pleasure scale will go up and down. Your sensual energy is aroused and will radiate throughout your entire body.

London Prostate Massage

  • The prostate is sometimes referred to as the "male g-spot". Men who report the sensation of prostate stimulation often give description's similar to females' accounts of g-spot simulation.
  • When used as sexual stimulation, most men have reported stronger orgasms, achieved during the prostate massage and higher levels of sexual satisfaction. Registered & Protected QQ88-6ENO-5CBK-GBTW