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Why Japanese Escorts London Girls Are The Best

It's easy to have a really wild time when you visit London. The city truly is a global paradise, and that's means even when you want to have a certain type of stress relief, or even just want to get naughty, it's not that hard to find the exact person who can float your sexy boat. And there is no doubt that the best ladies who can truly make your dirty dreams come true are Japanese London escorts, because they can do everything from sensual massages to wild and kinky role-play.

Whether you are a tourist visiting London and truly want to see its best sights, or a longtime local and really just need something to take the edge off a busy day, London escorts aren't the taboo tryst they used to be.

Getting A London Japanese Escort

Things have thankfully changed from the times where you would have to go to a seedy brothel or a darkened street corner. Now all you need is your phone, since every aspect of meeting and hooking up can be done online. You will have no trouble finding very hot Japanese escorts London girls.

Searching for exactly what turns you on has never been easier, and you will be thrilled with the choice of women. With the profile photos, you can find exactly the body type that turns you on, and it's easy to then click on the profile to get more information about the London escort. Her short bio can tell you everything you need to know about her, and whether she will offer the services you're looking for.

When you're ready to book you can either phone or email her directly or you will be in contact with her agency, and then set up an appointment. Any questions you might have will be answered at this point, so that when you meet up you can get down to having plenty of fun.

The Asian Advantage

Ladies from the Far East are a wonderful introduction to the world of escorts. You can find plenty Japanese escorts London agencies and girls very quickly.

They are very friendly and can act quite shy at first, which is found to be very beneficial, especially for people who are new to the world of London escorts, and might be nervous as well. Of course, this is a bit of an act, because once things start to heat up, they will definitely unleash their passion on you.

Because they certainly love to give pleasure to you, they will happily indulge in almost everything you are interested in. They are well aware of the 'asian schoolgirl costume' kink, and you can best believe that even if they wearing a sexy black dress, all you have to do is ask and they'll get changed into the tiny skirt and white shirt, and putting their hair in pigtails.

If you want to get a bit physical, don't be surprised if you're suddenly on all fours and they are spanking your ass and saying nasty things. It can be a real turn on to watch this shy and cute woman become a nasty dominatrix in a matter of minutes!

A Rundown on the Sexy Massages

Of course the oriental massage is one of the best known services by Japanese and other Asian escorts. And there are lots of places to learn more about the Japanese escorts London skills.

While there are plenty of massage parlours that quietly advertise happy endings, it's gotten to the point with escorts that there doesn't have to be any shame in booking them, so why try to hide it? Of course, if you want this to be a role-play as if it was a normal massage that ended up getting sexy, the ladies can certainly act this out for you.

The standard massage is simply a rubdown with lotion or oil, and while it can start on your legs, arms, or chest, it will certainly end up between your legs, and after a bit she will stop using her hands and find other ways to relax you.

A Body-to-Body massage is an incredible experience, because here the escort rubs the lotion on her own naked body and then rubs herself all over you. Similar to this is the Nuru massage, which usually involves a special type of gel (called Nuru), which can feel even better as it is rubbed into your skin.

Tantric Massage is the quick sample of Tantric sex, both of which involves taking it very slow and building up the orgasm over a long time. It also involves 'holding in' the feeling, which can be quite a challenge if you are already having a great time. The massage makes it much easier for you, as you just really have to lay back and relax. But if you are interested in exploring more, then that might make a very sexy second visit.

A Great Time in London

The city is still one of the best places to visit, and it is very easy to have a great time here, no matter what you're looking for. In fact, there's no better place to show your new sexy friend a good time in. If you want to go out for drinks or take in the sights before retiring to her flat or your hotel room, London makes it easy to break ice before you get naughty. You can be sure that the more you impress her with your clothes on, the more she will want to impress you with your cloths off.


It's fairly easy to book Japanese escorts in London these days, thanks to the internet, but a bit of common sense safety should always be followed. Make sure you are comfortable with the place you are meeting (this is why it is usually recommended to have a hotel room booked), and that you abide by the escort's rules in terms of consent. She has the final word on what she is willing to do, so even if it says she will on her bio, if she says no in person, then that no is ironclad. It is definitely recommended that you wear a condom for inter course, and it is likely that she will insist upon it. Registered & Protected QQ88-6ENO-5CBK-GBTW